Our current research activities:

FFG KIRASKI-SecAssistAI-based cooperative air and ground robotics to support responders in crisis situations
K-REGIO EFREHydrogen droneDevelopment of a hydrogen-powered flight platform including hydrogen tank
FFG6G-SKYDevelopment of drones for the creation of a digital twin in railroad observations and other linear infrastructure.
FFG KIRASNIKE-SwarmNavIndoor swarm development
FFG BRIDGEEMV LandingDevelopment of a platform for precise landings using magnetic sensors
FFG FORTEEO-DETECTDevelopment of hydrogen drones for military surveillance tasks
FFG KIRASUSKITDevelopment of self-organized, swarm-capable drones for monitoring critical infrastructure
FFG TAKE OFFUAVNoiseCheckQuantified noise measurements for different drones and payloads
FFG TAKE OFFSpecDroneDetection of methan concentration with open path method absed on mass spectrometry
FFG FORTENike ROBCOMMDevelopment of robust M2M / M2G communication for the use in subsurface UAV communication

Completed research projects:

K-REGIO EFRESafeAviationTyrolPractical and rapid solutions for saftey concerns caused by drones
FFG KIRASUASwarmDevelopment of swarm-capable drones to support emergency forces in forest firefighting operations
Leuchtturm Land TirolEMV-SAFEDevelopment of an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurement infrastructure for sensible assemblies
FFG KIRASKI-SecurePart-/autonomous 24/7 support of operators and emergency services to protect critical infrastructure
FFG TAKE OFFMUKISANODevelopment of a AI-based navigation module, which enables object-based realtime accurate navigation and consequently a pre-defined recording configuration for the individual objects